Usquaebach is unique

It’s a small-production treasure

Our whiskies are masterpieces blended by world-renowned artists.

Blending scotch whiskies is a delicate art, and finely crafted blends are highly sought after by whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Despite current trends that solely praise single malts, blended whisky maintains its number one spot in both popularity and sales worldwide.

While we at Usquaebach do appreciate single malts, which are comprised in all four of Usquaebach’s scotch whisky expressions, we are committed to the exalted tradition of blending and we believe that blended whiskies offer more diverse and complex flavor profiles.

Single malts are whiskies distilled from 100% malted barley, then matured and bottled at one distillery; blended scotch whiskies, however, have the fortunate opportunity to select single malts from various distilleries. Single malts it possible for our Master Blenders to create complex and consistent blends year after year.

From this expansive selection, our Master Blenders – Stewart Laing and Tom Aitken – expertly craft every bottle of our scotch whisky. They are the world-renowned artists behind our blended masterpieces.

Usquaebach is a unique, small-production treasure that has survived many years, and it embodies what modern day whisky culture expects — authenticity and history. In the words of the owner of Cobalt Brands, “Our intent is to resurrect a historic whisky and incredible blend. Our mission is to craft Usquaebach in a way that hearkens back to the high-malt content, rich and enveloping blends featured in the past— when blending was an art form.”

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