Over 225 Years of Tradition

The choice for grand celebrations

A testament to the whisky’s superior quality and character.


Uisge Beatha

The word “uisge beatha”, meaning “water of life”, is popular Gaelic vernacular which refers to distilled spirits. Pronounced “oos-ke-bah”, it is where we get our English word, “whisky”

References by Robert Burns

“Usquaebach” is immortalized by the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns, in his poem Tom O’Shanter: “Wi Usquaebach we’ll face the de’il” – or, “With Usquaebach we’ll face the devil.” The word is commonly used to refer to Scotch whisky throughout the UK.

19th Century

First Marketing

Spirits merchants Ross & Cameron of Iverness, Scotland, begin marketing their own proprietary vatted malt blends.


The Brand is Born

Ross & Cameron establishes the first trademark for “The Usquaebach.”

20th Century

Satisfying an increasing demand

The Usquaebach trademark is passed along to William Grigor & Sons, an ambitious spirits trading company and principals of the famous Bowmore Distillery.


Coming to america

Twelve Stone Flagons Ltd., an American company owned by Stanley Stankiwicz, purchases the trademark and expands distribution to the United States.


Nixon's Inauguration

Usquaebach Old-Rare is served at U. S. President Richard Nixon’s White House Inaugural Dinner.

Bush's Inauguration

Usquaebach Old-Rare is selected again to be poured at President George H.W. Bush’s White House Inaugural Dinner – a testament to the whisky’s superior quality and character.

21st Century

Sharing with the world

Cobalt Brands becomes the new, proud owner of Usquaebach and continues to distribute the brand throughout the United States and the world.


Limited Edition Bottling

An Ard Ri
, Cask Strength Blended Malt Scotch is released as a limited-edition bottling. This collaboration between Cobalt Brands, Stewart Laing and Tom Aitken is the first in many years.

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