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Water of Life

Usquaebach (Oos: Ke: Bah)

Translates as “Water of Life“ in Scottish Gaelic, and it is from this term that we derive the modern-day word “whisky.”

In 1877 Usquaebach became the first name in Scotch whisky, and we are proud to wear that badge of honor.

Our brand is historic, and it brings to life the ancient tradition and craft of whisky blending from the Scottish Highlands. With a blend dating back to the 1700’s, Usquaebach’s iconic Old-Rare whisky resurrects the same fiery spirit that was born in the rolling hills of Scotland. Offering four unique blends focused on craft, balance and refinement, Usquaebach’s master blenders select the finest malt and grain whiskies from Scotland’s most reputable distillers in the Highlands.

History, tradition & quality are the foundations of Usquaebach Scotch Whisky.

For over 225 years, master blenders have guarded the secret of our blends – passing on knowledge from generation to generation. Today, Usquaebach is still crafted by a renowned family-owned house dedicated to excellence.

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